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ExamIO is a private initiative that began in 2007 to facilitate access to the automatic correction of tests to everyone who needs this utility, expanding the service to all types of businesses and users, not just large multinationals or training centers. We started four Ph.D. students in image processing, and we achieved to develop Examio with all the success.
In ExamIO we are experts in image processing. We have been working on research centers and top companies We implement solutions that simplify all the tasks related to tests evaluations, saving costs and time with professionalism. Examio is the result of +10 years of research and implementation. Examio has been 100% implemented by us.

We are in Barcelona (Spain), and we have human resource consultants and universities among our clients. If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us in the contact section.

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We have different background but same objective ... Give the best solutions to our users

Our Skills

Examio software is based on image processing techniques to achieve the correct mark recognition, so that it can align the scanned tests with the test templates. The end result of all this development is ExamIO, a user friendly and versatile software for the large number of users that use our system. We offer:

Image processing95%
Programming C++96%

Why Chose Us?

Creative, innovative and experienced researchers
Examio started with a team of 4 Ph.D. researchers in image processing. We have strong experience in all the techniques necessary to implement a robust and powerful software, and we know how to improve it in order to deal with all the requirements of our users. We have several papers published in international conferences and journals, and we have moved to several conuntries around the world, to improve our background and knowledge with new techniques. You can really trust on us!
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In Examio we develop software solutions for test evaluations. We have created Examio software based on OMR technology (Optical Mark Recognition) created to design, correct and analyze tests exams and polls.

Examio is a software for education.

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