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ExamIO offers you 20 corrections to try the software functionalities. Moreover, you will be able to start using ExamIO with some  examples to help you when starting with the software.


Send us a mail with your needs and we will do a specific budget in order to allow your team to start using ExamIO. Moreover, the landing process runs on our side.



Why should you use ExamIO?

  • Facility: ExamIO offers you a user-friendly environment without needing special licenses nor local data bases. Utilize ExamIO with just your username and your password from any computer.

  • Efficacy: ExamIO you possible to create all the tests you need in a versatile way. Add the solutions and easily correct all the tests necessary to obtain the results in different formats.

  • Confort: Correct yous tests from any computer at home or at the work. Display the results and edit them in an easy way  to obtain the statistic results with only few clicks.

  • Security: All the correction process is carried out in the user's computer, so that the tests to correct will be always in the user's computer without the necessity to upload them to the server. Hence, we protect the confidentiality of the data, its integrity and security.

  • Confidence: In ExamIO we are experts in image processing, with wide experience in this area. Our compromise with the user is strong and solid.







In Examio we develop software solutions for test evaluations. We have created Examio software based on OMR technology (Optical Mark Recognition) created to design, correct and analyze tests exams and polls.

Examio is a software for education.

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