Continuous assessment using multiple choice test

Testing tests are a perfect resource to quickly and efficiently evaluate students. A few years ago this type of exams were intended for large final evaluations, oppositions or psycho-technical tests among others, where the large volume of content required to raise a test with numerous questions that evaluate the student's knowledge for each subject and different situations. However, in recent years, the educational trend is migrating towards a continuous evaluation, where the student is subjected to knowledge checks in increasingly shorter periods of time.
The educational advantages of continuous assessment have been amply demonstrated:
  • They allow an updated monitoring of the students, detecting those students with difficulties to follow the pace of the course and perform the necessary actions so that they can catch up.

  • They allow correcting the course of the lessons by reinforcing those topics that have given worse than expected results.



In Examio we develop software solutions for test evaluations. We have created Examio software based on OMR technology (Optical Mark Recognition) created to design, correct and analyze tests exams and polls.

Examio is a software for education.

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