How it works

Use Examio with these 4 simple steps


Design your test

Fill in the tests


Correct and analyze results

Examio is user-friendly and intuitive

  1. Use ExamIO to design your test.

  2. Once you have designed your test, you can save it as an image so you can print as many copies as you need for people under evaluation.

  3. Give the test to people that you want to evaluate and check that they fill in the test correctly.

  4. Scan the image .jpg tests already filled with an automatic scanner at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).  Be sure that the circular marks appear in each one of the corners of the paper sheet.

  5. Place all of the scanned images in a single folder.

  6. Open ExamIO to correct the test.

    -Select the button "Correct", and specify the directory where the scanned tests have been placed.

    -Enter also the directory where you want to save the results. Then press start correction button for correcting the tests.

  7. You can analyze the results using the results inspector of ExamIO!

You can read a basic use tutorial of ExamIO in the following link: 



In Examio we develop software solutions for test evaluations. We have created Examio software based on OMR technology (Optical Mark Recognition) created to design, correct and analyze tests exams and polls.

Examio is a software for education.

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